1001 Ways to get more customers book review

By | January 28, 2016

Product: 1001 Ways to get more customers 1001 ways to get more customers
Type: Paperback with 288 pages
Language: English
Price: £22.25

ISBN: 10: 095661924X
ISBN: 13: 978-0956619242
Product Dimensions: 20.8 x 14.8 x 2.4 cm
Average Customer Review: 4 of 5
Publisher: NABO (UK) Ltd; first edition (15 Mar. 2014)

1001 Customers,  Book Review:

This book is highly favored by many people as they gain tips and tricks to get more customers. I discovered this book after browsing the net. I was tired of not gaining any customers and  wanted to learn more. I hadn’t thought till I saw this book that there are so many proven strategies out there. These strategies can be used in any business to increase the number of customers you have by 50% to 250%. Sounds great doesn’t it?
If you ever wanted a book that would guide you to your customer success this book is for you. This is an essential guide for business owners who understand that the core strategy for growing a profitable business depends on getting customers.

If you are worried about not being able to find any customers, you need to read this. I have purchased this book and found it to be very good and easy to read. There were a few things I thought I knew but the book showed me there is a lot I didn’t. I don’t want you to miss out on getting customers like I was. 1001 ways to get more customers is not only about internet marketing, its about so much more. There are a ton of traffic strategies including  email marketing ideas and how to drive unlimited customers to your business. I like to read it again to remind myself incase I miss anything.

I hope you liked this review please feel free to leave a comment below. This book can be purchased through supplier at: Amazon.co.uk.

4 thoughts on “1001 Ways to get more customers book review

  1. Simon Watson

    during the review of 1001 ways to get customers you do come across as very sincere. It is a basic review of your thoughts and I think that I am persuaded by the review to try and get it especially as you said it is “easy to read”
    A great job with the review sir/madam and I really hope that the rest of your work will be to the high standard of this one.

    1. Mousie Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t believe there are over 1000 ways to get customers Until I purchased this book I had to keep asking people and trying to find answers online. Now I can use this book on the go and put things I learn into practice.

      from Carol.

  2. Mike

    Getting customers is obviously critical in whatever kind of business you have be it online or brick and mortar. And certainly, and source of knowledge that can help you gain customers in worth looking into. I guess I’d love to hear about specifics from you about why you liked this book? What are one or two of your favorite strategies? Which things did they mention that you disagree with?

    1. Mousie Post author


      I am still looking at this book right now. I have found some ideas I am already aware of and a few I had forgotten about. While this book is very useful for pointing out ideas to gain customers, this book could use a bit more detail in some areas. it makes me hungry to learn more in so areas. I have found that sections on email marketing, creating landing pages and social media are very important. This book how ever is not a step by step guide to each section, merely a book of ideas with some elaborations and short summaries.

      If you want to see a copy with a few pages you can view this short video on youtube of the book.

      While I have found plenty of wisdom from this book and the layout is easy to follow, I do find its analysis and structure somewhat lacking. There is room for a more indepth version of this book and I would love to see it If anyones planning on making one let me know.


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