A lesson I learned from 2 ducks

By | April 5, 2016

It is great to get started bogging from the comfort of your own home. This can be done for free with a free wordpress blog that’s easy to use and comes with training. It is fun and you don’t need to carry your books and computer with you, you can be as organised or as messy as you want. It is not how ever recommended that you do this all the time. Check out this lesson I learned from 2 ducks I saw in the street.

Be a duck:

I was sat at home watching tv, when I decided it was time I made a post on my blog. I was stuck for inspiration and couldn’t decide what I should write about. As I look out the window down my street, I saw two ducks with sparkling beaks. Their coat of feather’s, one brown one green, shimmering in the sunlight and flapping in the wind. I wonder what it is like to be a duck?

You think I’m strange talking about a couple of ducks?


While it may seem strange, it is also different and unique. Everyone has a story to tell, you just need some time to find your inspiration. Most people think they are unable to make a post that is more than a few lines long. Go on an exploration and you will find your story unfold. The lesson I learned is that there is a story to be told everywhere we look. If your mind is blind then open your eyes and be like a duck.

The ducks:

Take the two ducks in my street. This was strange as I only ever saw a few ducks together in a small group. They usually hung around by the nearby river and stayed on the field collecting passers by bread crumbs. These two ducks waddled up and down the road several times in an hour, only stopping on the path to take in their surroundings or change direction. They seemed to just want a break from paddling or maybe they were lost. After a couple of hours the ducks were seen passing through flowers in some front gardens, chasing off a lazy cat and heading back into the river. Very strange that they would stray so far. They traveled from one side of town to another. I guess even ducks find home a bit samey and monotonous. Later I found out these ducks were looking to raise a family by nesting away from their main river. What a wonderful thought of a generation of adventurous traveling ducks.

What I learned from 2 ducks:

The ducks taught me to branch out and to get some exercise. Doing this especially when I get stuck will help me see more of the world in so much more colour. This gives me inspiration and if I put it into my work and stories the world will be a more interesting place. There are only so many stories to tell about 1 area but so many ideas to explore in the world.

I never thought a duck could be a teacher, or I could learn anything from them but they certainly helped in my quest to blog more from home. One day I will visit those ducks again to see how they are doing and what else I can learn from the local animals. If you like my post please share it and feel free to leave me a comment.

I’m enjoying blogging so much and love seeing my blog develop before my eyes. As I grow, so to does my blog. If you would like to try out and see the blogging platform that has made me a blogging success visit: My Free Blog Platform to get started today!. Thanks for looking.

8 thoughts on “A lesson I learned from 2 ducks

  1. donald

    I love your ducks, you obviously have them in a row. It’s a nice story well told, with a clear and obvious message. One that I like you will use to my benefit. I too am just about to start blogging, so thank you for that. I do love animal parables a Croatian one is “the second mouse gets the cheese”,which I truly love.

    1. Mousie Post author

      Thanks for your comment, i’m glad you liked it. Stories come in many shapes and sizes and I find animals have so much to offer us. We can learn from them just as we do each other.

      Did you know cats are teachers to? They are not just our pets, they have us as their carers and staff. If a cat were to kill something and leave it for you, they are training you to kill and feed the cat. My friend discovered this one morning she found a mouse and the cat was watching, she hit the dead mouse and the cat meowed and stopped bringing her so many.

  2. Caroline

    Cute anecdote! I have to ask though: how did you ever find out that the two ducks were looking to build a nest away from the main river?!

    I can totally relate to your advice about taking an idea and letting it unravel into a beautiful blog post. My blog is about baby and toddler gadgets and I often just find myself listening to my friends complaining about something frustrating for their baby/toddler and trying to figure out how to overcome it and if a gadget exists already or is waiting to be invented! I need to start allowing myself to daydream on these stories more often 🙂

    1. Mousie Post author

      I found out about the ducks as i often visited them to feed them. A older gentleman has lived in my area for many years and knows about ducks. He said it common for a few ducks to nest a little further away from the river. They will always return to the river. in my area there are two rivers that connect so it made sense the ducks would wonder between them. The two well known ducks I belive are called Donald and Daisy.

      Glad you liked my blog post. I began with an idea and developed it into my story. You can write about almost anything you want. You will however find it easier writing about your passion and the things you love. YOu blog sounds intersting and great for mums / fathers and mums and dads to be. I wish you all the best. 🙂

  3. Rachel

    xD Indeed, anyone can be a teacher as long as we bothered observing them and learning from them. Humans that think that they are superior to other living things are simply too ignorant for their own good 😛

    This reminds me of a similar incident when I learned a lesson from my pets recently.

    My cat accidentally scalded himself when we fed him meat fresh out from the pot. Naturally, he yowled like crazy. My dog went over, wanting to comfort him, but he gave her a swipe of his paw.

    This was when my dog stayed in place for a few seconds, before inching slowly towards him in a crouched down position. When she was in front of my cat, she gave him a lick on the face.

    Sometimes, we lash out at others when we are hurt. This is especially so against those that care and love us. However, we are usually not aware of it. This incident between my dog and my cat had made me realize that I should have more awareness of those that care for me, and I should avoid harming them, especially when I’m hurt.

    There’s no reason to harm those that love and care for us.

    1. Mousie Post author


      Thats a wonderful story. It is so easy to hurt others even when we realy don’t mean too. Some say that we even hurt other a little, because we want them to know how we feel. We want them to feel as we do and know how much we care. It is easy to get carried away and sometimes we forget the other people around us. Loving and caring makes the world a better place for us all to live in. Animals seem to know that well before us humans. A world with strong friendships and bonds will last longer and comes to less harm than those who would do you ill will.

  4. Roy

    A great little story. Learning and motivation is out there. Two ducks walking down the road when they are usually around the pool. And they send you an indirect positive message. Hey human, get out and get some exercise. Get out and get some fresh air. Get out and explore and soak up the beauty and colours of this world. Be brave as we were when we chased off the cat.
    You are so creative with your thinking. Loved your story and your thinking.

    1. Mousie Post author

      I am glad you liked it. There are many adventures to be found in the world around us is only we are willing to get out there and explore. If you never move your bum, how will you ever know what you can do, or what you will see? Animals may seem to live a simpler life, without the worries of life. Even animals have their own problems and adventures. I learnt to open my eyes and see the world around me unfold.


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