Best SEO Ideas for WordPress

By | August 8, 2016

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging platforms for getting ranked in search engines – if made and set up correctly. Unfortunately, out of the box WordPress is actually quite poorly configured. Here you will find some of the best SEO ideas for WordPress practices to implement in your WordPress blog.

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=> Change or update the Title

By default, WordPress places your blog title first, then the blog post.

For example, if your blog’s name is “Rick’s Blog” and your blog title is “How to Learn Spanish,” WordPress would display:

Rick’s Blog / How to Learn Spanish

In reality, you want it the other way around:

How to Learn Spanish / Rick’s Blog

That will give you the most powerful rankings for your individual blog posts.

=> Keyword-Rich Permalinks

By default, WordPress uses a numeric system for creating permalinks. Your posts will be labeled for example.

Instead, it’s better for both your rankings and the human eye to actually have something that’s readable and has your keywords in it. For example,

=> Internal Linking and Categories

It’s best to link related articles to one another within posts on similar topics. This will pass relevant link juice between your own blog pages, as well as show real people other pages they might be interested in.

Categories can help a lot with internal linking. Make sure you have well-named categories and place each blog post into the specific category they belong in.

That will make it easy for search engines to tell what each category is about and see that you have a lot of relevant content in that category.

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=> Add Caching to Increase Speed

One often overlooked SEO factor is page load times. Search engines place quite a high importance on load times. If your site loads fast, your site gets quite a few points for that.

To decrease your load times, install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache. Also don’t overload your wordpress with too many plugins as it takes time to load your theme.

=> Tag Your Images

Tag the alt tags in all your non-navigational images. In other words, images that are actually part of your blog posts should always be tagged. This also makes it easier for the reader to identify what the image is about, or where it will take them when clicked. Also search engines link to your images more easily, so you could gain more traffic.

You should also not over flood your site with tons of ads, video and pics. It could become difficult for users or search engines to know what your site is about if they can’t find keywords or find too many. This could leave you with a negative impact on your website ranking. Not good for SEO building. Try to keep it clean and simple for easy reading.

=> Use a Sitemap Plugin

A sitemap makes it easy for search engines to find all the pages on your site.

Yes, search engines can find it without a sitemap, but by decreasing the computing power it takes for a spider to spider your site, you’ll win a few extra points in the search engine’s eyes.

The easiest way to set up and maintain a sitemap for WordPress is to simply install a plugin that will automatically set up and update the sitemap for you.

=> A Few Last Words

The All In One SEO plug-in is a free plug-in used by many in the WordPress community. It makes it easy to change your title structures, permalink structures and a lot more.

Preventing blog comment spam is also an important part of ranking. The best way to do that is to use the Akismet plugin, also free, written by the founder of WordPress. You could even search the latest spam filters for WordPress on google.

These are some of the most important practices and best SEO ideas for WordPress to help you when optimizing a WordPress blog for SEO. I hope you find them usefull.

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8 thoughts on “Best SEO Ideas for WordPress

  1. Chris

    Really good article – cover some really powerful points for bloggers here. Out of the lot I think that internal linking AND linking out seems to be ignored the most. I always link to another post and send a couple of links out to Wikipedia pages – gives an awesome boost to rankings!

    1. Mousie Post author

      Hi, that’s a good tip, linking to other information sites like Wikipedia can give your site a boost. You are also providing good info to your users. These users will value what you have to offer more and they may even come back later. I also find creating a couple of links referring people to another page on your site, can keep people interested for longer.

  2. Jay

    Hi Mousie, your post provides some great information about SEO techniques for any newbies wanting to start their blogging site.
    I use the All In One SEO plug-in and XML sitemaps plugin and both are brilliant tools. I need to use alt text on my images so thanks for highlighting that. Keep up the good work. What is the recommended maximum amount of plugins I can have on my site?

    1. Mousie Post author

      Hi, I to use an all in one SEO pack (Version By Michael Torbert). I have found it very useful and great for providing a short description in search engines like Google.

      What is the recommended maximum amount of plugins I can have on my site?

      It can be hard to judge exactly how many plugins to use. Your site load time can depend on your service provider and even your wordpress theme. It is becoming apparent that keeping your site limited to no more than 10 plugins or less will work a lot better than more than 10.

      Load times for your website can vary depending on many factors including the types of plugins used. If a plugin only has a couple of options (settings) compared with another that has many variables it will usually be loaded a bit quicker. Generally 10 or less is better for most sites, especially if they have a lot of animated images and videos to load as well.

      You can find some more info on plugins at:

    1. Mousie Post author


      Im glad you found some usefull information. We are always learning new things and its great to share what you find.

      Thanky you.

  3. Neil

    Cheers for your SEO tips for WordPress. I’ve been struggling with the SEO aspects of my blog because I’ve not found the appropriate training.

    I think caching is the one that draws my attention because I’ve noticed my blog is a little slow as I’ve gone crazy on Plugins.

    But also thanks for your Sitemap recommendation as well.


    1. Mousie Post author

      I am glad you found my post usefull. While it is true too many plugins will slow your site load times down, This does depend alot on the use of some browsers and mobile devices. I would still be carefull not to add too many but to concentrate more on your content. If your content is good, the fact that it taks a few seconds longer to load wont matter too much.


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