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30 Minute Blog Challenge

Why Start A Blog Challenge? I couldn’t wait to try this. If you have a target or a goal to work towards you will be surprised at what you can achieve. A blog challenge is a great way to add a bit of friendly competition to your work. What’s more, it will improve your writing skills and speed… Read More »

Blog your way into money consistently

If you like many people think blogging is easy, but making money from it is hard. You might be right. The same is true how ever, for many people who found blogging hard and making money easy. Confused? So was I, until I came to the realisation I was missing something important. The key to becoming a success… Read More »

An explanation of Twitter social media

I have made a few post about Twitter social media, but this time I wanted to give you something a little different. You have probably heard of Twitter, but you may not know exactly what it is or does. Here is a brief explanation of Twitter social media – what it is, how it’s used, and so forth.… Read More »

Using Twitter – marketing tips and strategies

It may seem that something as serious to your business as marketing strategies shouldn’t be relegated to a “fad” like Twitter. But Twitter is much more than a fad, and it’s not just for teenagers. Here are some marketing strategies for use with Twitter. 1. The Twitter network Twitter connects people in ways that the internet does not.… Read More »

How to set Up A Kalatu Professional Blog

Are you unsure what you could expect from the old professional Kalatu wordpress style blogging platform? Don’t worry I will guide you through it and if you get stuck at any time just contact support or ask the community for help. Everyone starts out knowing just a little or nothing at all but before long you will be up… Read More »