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When you choose to post in this forum you agree to the following:

If you advertise on your first post or you post any other obvious spam, your posts may be removed without warning. Repeat offenders run the risk of be banned, so don't do it.

The use of fake signatures/broken links:
Members that have the ability to add a signature to posts should use them wisely. They should be true to you and not copied by other users or (fake). Do not type a signature at the bottom of your posts in order to sell to people. You may however place a link back to you website or blog's home page only. If links do not work, the post with signature may be edited or removed. Keep it maintained.

Blog and website links:
No blog post or website page links are allowed to be posted. They should also not be posted in signatures. Links are allowed in the topic share your blog only!. When sharing please do not repeatedly spam. However, it is OK to link if someone asks a question and you reply to say that you wrote about this on your blog. You can also ask for help with your page or post and when some ask for the link you can share it with them.

Multiple user names:
This is a big no no. Only one username should be used per member. If you are found to have registered more than one username, you may end up with both names being banned. Don't do it! 1 is enough.

Social media:

Social media exchanges are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: trading/giving away Stumbles, Diggs, Referrals etc. You may however, share your businesses social media page. This should preferably be linked to your website or blog but is not a necessity. Post social media links in the topic Share social media only!. When sharing please do not repeatedly spam.

Link exchanges are not allowed. This includes referral programs. If you wish to run a link exchange, please do so on your blog, and do not post the link in this forum.

Networking & User Topics:
All users and guest users can view all topics. Registered members can make and reply to topic. Some posts may have to be approved before they appear in the forum as visible to all users.

Member Titles:
Your member's title will be changed when you reach the specified minimum post count. These levels varied from 10 posts to 50 and upto 5000 posts is currently the highest achievement.


Good luck and all the best.