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Dedicated Vs VPS Hosting: Which is the Best for Your Business?

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As your online project take-offs, there are chances you might outgrow the current web hosting plan. Maybe you’ve opt for MilesWeb’s best eCommerce hosting plans for your online store or a large business website that is getting popular and demands more resources than your shared hosting plan offers. 

Whatever, if this is the reason, you need to switch to a dedicated or MilesWeb’s cheap VPS hosting services, to take your business reach new heights of success and keep your websites online round the clock! 

Many of the users are unaware of dedicated servers and therefore have queries like ‘What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Below are the salient features of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans and how it can help you in giving a competitive-edge is given in the table below. 


 In this article, we will cover information about these servers and which one can be ideal for your business?

Let’s start with VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a form of hosting service, in which a single physical server is divided into several virtual private servers. All the resources are dedicated just to you, thereby delivering enhanced performance and security. You are provided with root access to the server so that you get the freedom to install features or applications that you wish to have on the server. 

What is a Dedicated Server? 

A dedicated server is basically a physical server with a single-tenant hosting environment. They are designed for websites/apps that require high computing hardware without any hassles. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to share the server resources with any other users. This means a completely isolated environment with no noisy neighbors and no virtualization. 

Dedicated server is apt for resource-heavy websites/applications that demands high powered resources and cutting-edge hardware infrastructure. Rest assured to get smooth performance for your websites/apps. 

The Differences Between VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Check out the key differences between VPS and dedicated hosting: 

Easy Customization 

With dedicated server hosting, you can customize the server according to your specific requirements. Say, for example, you can pick the server and adjust the hardware and software configurations. A dedicated server is also an excellent choice for those who need complete control over the server.  Even though the VPS servers are not as customizable as the dedicated servers, they offer more flexibility than shared hosting services. After you purchase a virtual private server, you can easily access the server files and install any software you need to run websites.

Cost and Suitability 

VPS hosting is an upgrade from shared hosting where your website outgrows the benefits that are offered by a shared server. It is an ideal option for people that require more resources. Speaking about the cost, VPS hosting is an affordable option for the dedicated server. In choosing between dedicated and VPS hosting, you should go with dedicated hosting, as it is beneficial in the long run. Plus, you have complete control over the server!


Performance is generally related to the hardware specifications of the server. A dedicated server has advantages over VPS server, because the server is exclusive to your website, without any other user on it! And if you go with reliable web hosting providers they offer all the necessary resources and features to speed up the performance of your websites.


A key point of differentiation between VPS and dedicated hosting is scalability. Scalability means the ability to increase the resources included in your hosting plan, giving you better performance. Most of the VPS hosting plans are highly scalability and designed to deliver a good performance. 

How to Pick Between VPS and Dedicated Hosting? 

When you use a shared server for hosting websites, you might have to suffer downtime or limited resources. This is the time; you need to upgrade your web hosting plan. Like the most advanced hosting options, VPS and dedicated hosting. 

Some of the scenarios where a dedicated server is beneficial: 

  • You have a large business website that demands more resources. 
  • You want to configure and need full control over the server 
  • Your website needs more beyond VPS 

Even though dedicated hosting has a lot of benefits, it’s one of the highly expensive hosting options available. But a dedicated server is worthy in the long run!

Scenarios where you should start using VPS hosting: 

  • You have started getting traffic on your website. 
  • You need an option between shared and dedicated servers. 
  • Want high-speed performance, security and scalability for your websites/applications


The foundation of your website will be your hosting plan. Although it’s a solid choice for many startup sites, chances are you’ll eventually outgrow shared hosting. Having an upgrade option ready is crucial when that time comes.

VPS and dedicated hosting are your two main options for a more robust plan. Simply put, VPS hosting plans are best suited for medium-sized websites that are starting to experience significant growth. Meanwhile, dedicated hosting is suitable for well-established businesses that require a lot of resources and a high level of security. After all, which hosting option to choose all depends on your requirements and budget! 

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