From Start to Profit: Typical Blog Lifecycle

By | August 23, 2017

understand your blog lifecycle

Most blogs go through a fairly predictable lifecycle from start to profitability. To make it to the point where your blog is making significant income, you’ll need to go through all of these stages. Each and every stage has its own challenges and rewards.

Here are the five stages every profitable blog needs to go through to reach success.

1. Conception: No Traffic, No Rankings

You’re selecting your WordPress themes, have less than ten posts and are still experimenting with your tone and various options.

A lot of people underestimate how long this stage can last. Unfortunately, you can actually be getting just about no traffic for as many as twenty posts, sometimes more.

In order to succeed, you’ve just got to press through it.

2. Infancy: Trickles of Traffic, Still No Rankings

At this point, you’ll start to get a trickle of people coming to your website from a variety of random sources. Perhaps you have a link in your signature in forums. Perhaps you’re commenting on blogs that interest you.

People may be finding your site through totally random searches that you’re not really optimizing for.

At this stage, you start to have an audience, though a very, very small one.

3. Toddler: Some Traffic, 1-5 Pages Ranked, Some Trust

Though you’re not the top guy in the industry, you’re beginning to get a small following of people who listen to and trust your advice.

You have a couple of pages that are ranked in the search engines. This isn’t great per se, as by this point you’ll probably have at least fifty posts, but it still feels great to see some of your pages getting decent rankings.

At this stage you may want to consider beginning to build a newsletter. If you’re still using a free theme or design, you may want to pay for a custom design.

4. Young Adult: Moderate Earnings, Strong Reputation

At this point you’re making enough money from your blog to just about support yourself. You may even get 1-2 direct advertising deals.

You’re getting backlinks without having to ask and a higher percentage of your pages are getting ranked.

When you recommend a product, people begin to take it seriously. Sales come easier because people are starting to trust your reputation.

5. Adult / Expert: Strong Earnings, Known Brand in the Industry

At this point your blog is one of the top 3-5 in the industry. If someone mentioned your name at a conference, more often than not people would recognize the name.

Most blogs never reach this stage. However, if you do make it to this point, you’ll get to enjoy many perks.

One perk is that in addition to high levels of traffic, often direct traffic, you also get paid more for that traffic. Your CPMs from direct advertisers are many times higher than AdSense or the CPMs of other sites. You’ll also generally be selling your own products at a very decent conversion rate.

These are the five typical stages in the lifecycle of a successful blog. The key to moving from one stage to the next is to continually provide top-notch content, while being patient about building a strong reputation. It may take time, but it’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “From Start to Profit: Typical Blog Lifecycle

    1. Mousie Post author

      You’re very welcome. Once you know the direction your blog is heading in, you know what you can look foward to. As you grow so to does your blog and in time so will your profits.

  1. Roope

    Nice blog post. I have been blogging now for about 10 months and I certainly want to reach the top (level 5).

    One great thing about blogging is that we learn in the same when we write. We can for example study a new subject and at the same time take some notes and make a blog post of it. It is said that when we listen we learn about 5% of the whole teaching. But when we teach, we learn about 90-95% of the whole teaching. So if we want to learn, we need to teach which can be done through blogging.

    I wish you success! 🙂

    1. Mousie Post author


      You got it in a nutshell. As we learn we grow and so does our business. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it over time. Don’t ever stop putting into your business. Live your dream and share it.

  2. Kim

    Great walkthrough of the 5 stages you have to go through with a new blog. New bloggers should really take this information to heart and keep it close in mind as they build their blog.

    Far too many people who are trying to generate traffic to their product or service tthrough blogging, give up before they get a chance to experience what it can be like once they reach the higher stages (4-5) in their blog’s existence.

    The solution to getting there is quite simply to be consistent when it comes to producing high quality content, and keep your visitors engaged and interested through replying to their comments.

    Be professional, friendy, unique, helpful and engaging, and your blog will after a while attract a constant stream of unique quality traffic… and sales!

    1. Mousie Post author


      You are correct. Many people forget to be concistent with their content creation. If you understand the blog life cycle then you will know what to expect as your blog grow. Sure you could just spend years advertising 1-2 products and concentrate on sending it traffic, but thats no way to build a business. If I made a book with 10 pages it would only last a person about 20min. If I make a book with over 150 pages, ther reader would get better value and even read it again. If you want more traffic you need to build and grow your blog.

  3. Heathguy33

    Very good post I am going through stage 2 currently and though it isn’t easy I will push throat it. Your post has inspired me not to give up and to stay persistent. I will share this post on my social media accounts and follow your website myself. Thank you for the great information.

    1. Mousie Post author


      My aim is simply to share what i have learned for free in the hope that others will gain a better understanding of how things work. It is not easy when you first start out, I know I have been there. Half the battle is knowing what you can expect and what you yourself are looking for. these things are important in order to progress to the next level. How long it takes is entirely up to you. With your own blog you have the freedom of being your own boss and be happy doing what you love.

      Never give up on your dreams.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.



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