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Guide To Blogging – Where To Start

Have you ever wanted to start a blog but realised you’re not sure where to start?

Then you need a guide to blogging to help you get started. In order to start a blog, you first need to understand what it is and why people use them. Blogging is a way of sharing stories and other information with people around the world. Much like a newspaper, where you read articles on different topics. A blog is like an online newspaper and articles are the posts. With a blog, you can easily share content about the latest events, trends or even build your brand awareness or store online.

In this short guide to blogging, I will share my tips and ideas on getting started.

Why do people blog?

Most people blog as a hobby or to make some cash online. If you own a business the likelihood is you already have a website displaying your products or services. A blog can help you market products and communicate the latest news to all sorts of people around the world. I particularly use it to share free information with images and even video. I started doing it just for fun a few years ago. It’s a great way to find readers, make friends and grow as a person.

Guide to blogging first steps:

Most people think your first step should be to spend hours hunting for a website package or hosting site to get started. The biggest problem with this is that it’s very time-consuming. You will end up doing a lot of research, comparing all kinds of features and costs. Wouldn’t you rather just get started. To help give you an idea of where to start I have broken them down into the top 3 steps I used to get started.

  1. The first step, start with writing out a couple of articles on word or note pad. Once you have these its easy to copy and paste them into a blog post or page. You can always edit them and update them as needed on your site.
  2. You can use a free service like Blogger or get a WordPress website with Hostgator or a more simple design from Wix. Whatever site you use, make sure to keep a separate record of your login information away from your pc just as a backup.
  3. Next copy, paste, edit and publish on your blog or website.  Now you have the foundations in place to work on.

Googles Blogger:

When I started out I did a general search online. That’s when I discovered a free website called blogger. I didn’t know much about getting started but after following a few steps and checking out the settings, I was all set up. The best thing is it only took me 20min. Maybe that sounds a bit high to some people. Thing is I didn’t know anything about building a website and thought the only reason someone would want one, was to share their business. I would in time learn that this really wasn’t the case.

My favourite thing about blogger is the fact it is linked to Google. Google loves it when you write articles and it rewards you with views, especially if you share your articles with others on social media. This tells Google that your content is popular and people like it. You get better rankings on search engines when this happens. My first post on Blogger, for example, was about 700 words long and only about making tea lights. My article, however, received 42 views in its first week and I hadn’t even shared it on Facebook.

Article Tablet Blogging Coffee Chocolates

Content the food of the internet:

Ever heard the term a penny for your thoughts?

The internet didn’t get where it is today without first starting out as data. Random numbers, letters were put together to send messages via something called Morse Code. It was a good way of communicating and learning to translate data into information people understand. We have come a long way since the internet and computers were first produced.  We can now use the internet to feed not only our selves but that of equipment and even the AI bots out there. All this content is food that our devices need to grow. We need to keep feeding devices to help make our lives better. Sometimes certain information we find on the internet can confuse us. This is when blogging comes into its own. Feeding your blog allows you and your devices to learn, to work better and more efficiently, it improves our communication and our ability to become smarter. Not only this but it improves our social connections and helps our culture grow around the world.

Think and create:

If you really want your blogging to take off to a flying start, it is a good idea to write about your passion. Everyone has a hobby or interest but what is it that you love doing that others may find interesting. Perhaps you love cooking. A lot of stay at home mums enjoy sharing their favourite cooking recipes. Its a good way of showing off your culinary and creative skills. You could even use this to build your social network and gain more friends, or even find work. Another idea is to write about something you enjoy making or a place you like to visit. When I started I didn’t know what sort of things to include on my blog. It was easy for me to share something I had made, but what next. You need to think about the direction you want your blog to go in. A travel blog would have started out as someone sharing a place they like. Over time more places, pictures and articles are shared. Now people use travel blogs when finding out about holiday destinations and other places to visit. Travel blogs are not only as popular as food but very important for culture development and inspiration.

I hope you found this information useful and it inspires you to build your blog. If you’re looking to make your blog even more successful online you will find lots of other articles at Guide To Blogging Online. If you have any comments or tips you wish to share, you may leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading this page.

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