How to Pinterest – What is Pinterest about?

By | July 29, 2017
how to Pinterest what is Pinterest about

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Have you ever heard of Pinterest?

So many people have been asking the questions, what is Pinterest about? & where do I learn how to Pinterest?

This short guide was made to help you and others, not only understand Pinterest but to help people get started.

So what is Pinterest about anyway?

Understanding What Pinterest Is All About:

It is not actually that hard to begin understanding Pinterest. You have probably heard it from friends or have seen it on other social media platforms or blogs. You may even be convinced you are missing out and friends may have said that it is the coolest thing on the internet. Well, it is and everyone on the platform is in love with it.

What is Pinterest About?

Before you start being active on the site, it is good to first know what Pinterest is all about. In simple terms, Pinterest is an online pin board used to collect visual content. Most Pinterest users love to share images with their followers.

You are free to create as many pin boards as you would like. This is a great option especially for organizations that have various products and services to promote. However, the platform is not limited for organizations only. You, as an individual, can sign up and collect your favourite pictures. For example, if you like collecting pictures of cars, you can set up a board and call it “Cars.” On the other hand, if you love collecting animals, you could create another board and call it “Animals”.

Pinterest users interact with one another by liking, commenting, and reposting one another’s content. This is what makes Pinterest a hot social media site.

How to Pinterest?

Getting started and learning how to Pinterest your interesting images and articles, is actually really easy. It takes the average person about 15min to complete the setup. For you to enjoy Pinterest, there are some few things that you need to do and understand. Many of them have been outlined below:

Signing Up

To get started on Pinterest, you will first need to create an account. To do this, simply visit . You will be provided with different sign up methods. You can sign up through email, Facebook, or Google+. Choose your most preferred sign up method and follow the prompts to create your account.

Pinterest Signup login page image example

Pinterest signup login page image example

Setting up Personal Preferences

After you have created a Pinterest account, the next thing you need to do is to customize your personal preferences. You will be asked to list at least 5 areas you are interested in. Here, you have a wide variety of areas to choose from such as quotes, hairstyle, hair and beauty, fitness, skin care, home décor, fashion, and many more.

When done, Pinterest will immediately look for visual content related to your interests. At this point, you will have a chance to comment, or repost other people’s posts.

Customizing Your Settings

After setting up your personal preferences, the next essential thing you have to do is to change your settings.

To access “Settings”, click on your avatar which is located at the top right-hand side. On the page that appears, you should see a Settings icon, just above your username.

Click on it and it will take you to a new page. There, you can customize your account basics, profile information, and notifications. You can also change what should appear on your home feed, and add your other social media accounts. Moreover, you can view a list of devices logged in to your Pinterest account. You can also see your approved applications on this page.

Adding Things to Your Boards

The next thing that you should know about Pinterest is how to add visuals to your boards. This is the fun part and you should know how to post things on your board if you would like to enjoy Pinterest.

To add content, start by clicking on the avatar located on the top right-hand side. Below your username, you should see “Boards” and “Pins”. Click on “Boards” and you should see the “Add +” button.

The “Add +” button will give you an option to create a new board. What will be needed from you here is to state the name of your board and give an optional, short description. For example, if you want to create a board about holidays, you can name it “Awesome Holidays” and write a description about the board.

After creating your board, you can now add content (pins) to it. Note that when creating your board, selecting secret means the board can only be viewed by you or people that you invite.

Pinterest create board example

Pinterest create board example

How to Add Pins

The first method you can use to add pins to your Pinterest profile is by saving them directly from Pinterest. You can do this by first hovering over an image you like. The “Save” button will appear and you should be able to save that image in the board that you desire.

Moreover, you can save pins to your Pinterest profile from other sites. You will need to install the Pinterest extension on your browser to access this feature. If you have the extension is already installed and activated, you just need to hover your mouse cursor on an image, and the “Save” button will appear. By clicking on this button, you should be able to save the image on the Pinterest board that you desire.

Another method you can use to add pins is by saving them from your computer or device. To do this, start by clicking on your avatar. On the page that appears, click on the “Pins” button. You should see a “+” sign on the section labelled “Save Pin”. When you click on the “+” button, a prompt should appear asking you where you would like to save your pin from. Click on “Your Device” then “Choose Photo”. Locate your visual content and click “Open”. After the image has loaded, you will be asked to choose a board where you want to save it. Select the board then press “Save”. You visual content should appear on the board you chose.

Pinterest Pins Example of other pins

Pinterest Pins Example Of Other Pins

Interacting With Others

Social Media sites are fun when you can interact with other people and Pinterest is not an exception. First, you will need friends with whom you can interact with.

Let’s have a look at:

How to Get Friends to Interact With on Pinterest

The first method you can use to get people to interact with on the platform is by searching for people that you already know, in real life. You just need to ask your friends and relatives to provide you with their usernames and follow them. Since you will follow them and they will follow you back, this is the easiest way to get followers on Pinterest.

If some of your friends are not on the platform already, you can invite them to the network via Facebook or email. If you can explain how good the networking site, they are likely to join you.

Another way to get friends on Pinterest is by following other, but unknown, users. However, not everyone you follow will follow you back. Therefore, you are advised to follow those users that post something related to your interests. Since you will be posting almost similar content, there is a high chance that such a user will follow you back.

You also have the option to follow another user’s boards so that you can view their posts on your homepage feed.

How to Interact With Other Users on Pinterest

Pinterest’s easy to use platform makes it quite efficient for you to interact with other users.  Interaction can be done through commenting and repining other people’s content. Earlier on, Pinterest had a “Like” button but it was retired. Let us look at each interaction feature in depth.


You can repin an item you love on Pinterest so that it appears in your boards. To do this, move your mouse cursor over an image you like. A “Save” button should appear. Click on it and save the image in your preferred boards.


If you have something to say about a certain pinned item, you can go ahead and say it in the “Comment” section. To do this, click on the image that you want to comment on. On the page that appears, you should see “Comments”. Click on it and you will have an option to “Add a Comment”. Type in your comment and press “Add”. Your comment will be posted.

“Tried It”

Pinners love to help each other out. This is why they adore posting content that offer value to other users of the platform. Therefore, you will happen to see very many ideas on the network. If you find a good idea that you think can be of benefit to you, you can try it out in real life. Later on, you can revisit the same image, and share your results.

To share your outcome, just click on the image that contains the idea you tried out. You should see a “Tickü” button. Click on it and it will ask you “How did it go?” Type in your “note” or “tip” or “Add a Photo” and click on “Done”.

Send Direct Messages

Want to interact with another pinner on a more personal level? Why not send them a direct message. To do this, hover your mouse cursor over an image you want to send. Click on the share button that appears on the top-left side of the image. Go to “Or send to” section and enter the name of the person you would like to receive the visual content. When done, click “Send”. Did you know you can send messages from your Pinterest in box? Click on the top right speech bubble, choose inbox, select and find user, click next and a message window will pop up and create your new massage.

Pinterest messages example

Pinterest messages example

Other Pinterest Features That You Should Know

Apart from the aforementioned, there are some extra things that you need to pay close attention to. Have a look at some of them:


The “Home” tab shows you the feed in regards to your interests and also those that you follow. For example, if you stated that you are interested in Home Décor, your feed should show content related to the same.


The “Search” feature allows you to find and view your desirable visual content. For example, if you are interested in viewing content related to cars. You only need to search for “Cars” and several pins related to cars will appear in the results page. If you type party food for example and press entre, the two words are highlighted as tags in the search bar. You will then see a series of related pins below that you can follow and re-share with your friends.

Pinterest search bar example

Pinterest search bar example


Still on the homepage, you should see the “Saved” tab. When you click on this button, it will take you to your profile page. Here you can see your boards and pins and customize them according to your preferences. Still on your profile’s page, there is a “Settings” button that allows you to customize your settings.


The “Categories” button allows you to customize the kind of content that appears on your homepage. There are many categories to choose from such as Hair and beauty, Gifts, Videos, Design, Quotes, Travel, Weddings, Home Décor, History, Gardening, Geek, and many more.


The “Notifications” bar shows you general notifications like “Trending this week”. The tab also gives you access to your inbox where you can view messages sent to you.

The Pinterest Mobile App

For an even better experience of Pinterest, you should consider downloading the Pinterest mobile application. The application is free to use. Therefore, it is a must for anyone that would never want to miss a moment on the platform.

The Pinterest app allows you to view the website as a whole and browse the activities of those that you follow. Additionally, the app allows you to take pictures when using Pinterest on your phone. Hence, if you are working on a project, then it is easy to snap several pictures, upload them to your Pinterest, and ask your followers what they think.

The app has an elegant but simple theme. It is very easy to use and although it does not do anything magnificent, it doesn’t do anything wrong. The app is very efficient as you can take your phone out at any time you wish and snap that quick picture.

By looking at the above mentioned features, Pinterest is an incredible social networking site. Interestingly, according to a report by Share This, an online content distribution service, Pinterest is the fastest-growing online platform for content sharing. From this data, organizations should definitely consider Pinterest when trying to promote their products and services online. Apart from Twitter and Facebook, businesses can effectively use Pinterest to improve and augment their campaigns. Small enterprises can also capitalize on the Pinterest surge to promote their products and services and increase their customer base.


Pinterest is a fascinating platform that can be used by both individuals and corporations. Individuals can use to share content with their friends. On the other hand, businesses can use it to share their products and also engage with their customers.

With the information above, you should be well equipped as you go to use Pinterest for the first time. Just to help you a little more I have included 3 of the most popular problems you may face when using Pinterest for the first time. See the FAQ Tips Below.

Pinterest FAQ Tips:

  1. I signed up for but want a business account: The way some do this is to click deactivate account button and choose I would like a business account. When you do this you will then see a link to convert your Pinterest into a business account. Find this by signing in and highlight your picture in the top right hand corner, click on settings and scroll down a little until you see the deactivate account button. Another way is to simply sign up for a business account at:
  2. How do I add pins to my Pinterest account? On many websites you simply click on the red P (Pinterest social sharing button) then you can select the image, change the text and select which board to pin it to. Alternatively on Pinterest click on the red plus sign found on the top right hand corner of you Pinterest account and choose upload image. If you find a website doesn’t have a Pinterest button, you can add the Pinterest button to your tool bar and click on that to share a web page you are currently viewing.
  3. How do I delete or change a pin on my Pinterest? Sometimes you might find you have duplicated a pin or added it to the wrong board. Don’t worry it happens sometimes. In order to delete a pin, hover over the pin you want to change or edit and click the pencil button. Edit the Pin description and add hash tags if necessary and hit entre, or pick a new board. Click Save Changes when you’re done. If deleting a pin, so you get rid of it completely you may choose this option: (click pin, click pencil, click delete on the bottom left). — Once you do you can’t undo this, so be careful!

I hope you found all this information useful. If you have anything else you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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