Problems gaining leads for your business?

By | July 22, 2017

Let me start by asking you a question:
Are you tired of having little or no leads for you business?


No matter what you know already and how passionate you are it is so easy to lose your focus. If you lose your focus, you forget what you are doing and what goal you’re aiming for. Now you can write it down, but that alone will not get you to where you want to be. You may be blaming other people or companies for your failures. Have you not looked in the mirror lately? Most of what we achieve is all down to us. It is down to our mid set. If you don’t like an outcome, change it.

You need to be clear in your goal:

You need to understand what it is you realy want and need. For example:
I wanted more customers, I needed them so i could grow my business. a friend of mine told me I was wrong. What i realy needed was knowledge. How was I going to find people. To make things even clearer in my head I went for a walk and bumped into an old school friend I hadn’t seen since I was 9. This changed the way I looked at my business and my goals. My new goal was not to just get a customer, but rather to network. A business without any networking will not be that successful.

Have faith and focus will come:

Focus and faith go together in hand in hand. You need to not only have faith in other people, but have faith in yourself. If you reach deep down and begin believing in yourself your focus will grow and you will start seeing results. Feel the power that is inside of you. Be determined and you will be a success.

In order to gain leads from your new focused mind, you must have patience. I belive patience is a virtue. We progress and learn things better, when we are calm and patient. You will not grow a business overnight. You will how ever grow a successful business over time.

In order to help you succeed further watch this short cut video on Patience is a virtue…for success. It may inspire you as it did me and countless others.

How can I turn wordpress into a lead generating machine?

Put simply you need to concentrate on traffic generation, once you are getting traffic you can generate leads. In order to gain leads you need to have a way of capturing information with a contact form or landing page. Sounds easy right?

The problem with this is that most people forget how to appeal to the right customers. You need to not only create your page in a appealing way, you need to ensure the link it takes people to is also relevant. It’s no good for example offering someone a free newsletter about fixing hair loss and sending them one that talks about dogs loosing hair. Try to be specific and meet the customers needs. Also if you offer them something for free, you need to ensure they are sent the information on how they can get it.

Watch this video below for a few tips:

If you need more tips on networking, you may want to check out this post: Getting Noticed Online – Networking Tips It will provide you with a few free tips to help you get started the way I did.



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